Internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and network marketers: Integrate your product, service, or opportunity under the umbrella of a large business system to propel your business to $100,000/month or more much faster than would otherwise be possible.

First, always look for ways to provide value to your potential customers or recruits before you try to sell or recruit them. In other words, don’t just go around promoting or spamming your links, provide value first. The value should provide benefits or value regardless of whether people buy your product or join your program. This is how you build a long-term, sustainable business.

The failure rate of internet, affiliate, and network marketers is high because many do not do this. If you are not providing value, you are just another internet marketer among a sea of internet marketers. Distinguish yourself, rise above the crowd, and position yourself as a knowledge-based influencer, delivering value to those in your niche.

This way, you can build a massive email list and service your list with products and services that expand beyond your current product or opportunity. This is critical, especially for network marketers, since many network marketing businesses go out of business.

The $100,000/month Challenge

The business models underlying the $100,000/month challenge take this fundamental concept of providing value first to the next level. Consider this:

  • You use the internet to promote a FREE business production system;
  • People can use this new FREE system to earn extra money and build wealth simply by connecting to the internet and working part-time in their area of expertise or professional interest. In other words, most online opportunities require people to sell, refer, or recruit. With this system, people do not have to sell, refer, or recruit. They simply show up to work part-time online in their area of expertise or professional interest, earn significant ownership-based income, and build wealth. not hourly, but ownership and wealth-based income;
  • This means you can promote it to anyone with internet access using social media. You can even use the social network LinkedIn to research professional profiles and refer people to applicable online staff positions;
  • Once you learn the system, you will position yourself as a staffing partner and serve as a single point of contact and support for those you refer. As a consequence, you will build a massive email list. This is not just any email list, however, but a highly responsive email list because you will be a key point of contact and support for those you refer to this system. For example, the average email open rate is about 2% for most affiliate marketers. You can anticipate at least an 80% email open rate when you build your email list with this system.
  • As a Staffing Partner, you can strategically promote your primary products, services, and business opportunities to a captive audience. In addition, you will also learn of strategically selected products and services you can promote and earn a significant affiliate-based commission.
  • The Cherry on Top: You will also learn how to generate multiple streams of immediate income while promoting the free system and building your email list. So, yes, the system is free, and you can still earn this income

This is your ticket to $100,000/month. It starts with you delivering massive new value to the general and business public by promoting the free system. This is the value you provide regardless of whether the people you refer buy your main product or participate in your main opportunity. This is the seed that leads to immediate, lucrative, and long-term income.

How to Merge your Primary Product or Opportunity into this System

This system runs under the umbrella of the new Affiliate Innovation Alliance. Here are the start-up steps:

  • Once you’ve mastered the system and are properly positioned as a staffing partner with your marketing portals, decide how much time you want to devote to promoting your primary product or opportunity in the manner in which you currently promote it and how much time you want to devote to referring people to this FREE system;
  • As your list grows rapidly from promoting the free system, you can integrate your primary product or opportunity into your email autoresponder sequence. This way, you can devote 100% of your marketing efforts to promoting the FREE system, building a massive email list, and earning immediate income streams associated with promoting the free system… all while marketing your primary product or opportunity to your ever-expanding email list.


Get Started

Visit the Affiliate Innovation Alliance portal and get started.

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